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Daily Dirty: Updates Archive

Updates Archive

08. January 2009
Extended database search


We have extended the database search resp. the search results.

Because the database represents a collectors portal all collectors should have the possibility to buy still missing items. Now you can do this.

If searching...

07. January 2009
44 items added to the database

Now I have time to update the database piece by piece. I have added 44 items to the database (Acetates,Promos,Bootlegs).

I also working on the promised upload section were every registred user can upload new items and...

18. July 2008
17000 ebay auctions


First of all more than 17.000 ebay auctions were added to the database to get a valuation to each collector`s item in the database.

To get a better average valuation for all collector`s items more ebay auction will be added...

22. June 2008
Database added

I have added the AC/DC database from www.my-acdc.com into the new Daily-Dirt homepage.