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Daily Dirty: Competition


New readers will surely ask themselves what they have to do to be successful at a DAILY DIRT competition.
This hasn’t changed even in 18 years of DAILY DIRT.
Simply send self-written articles to the DD editors. (e.g. CD and record assessments, concert reports, self-conducted interviews or reports all around the topic of AC/DC). In doing this, you could already be the winner of one of the great prizes.
The ones who send us the most useful material (which must be written by yourself!!!) are automatically in the circle of participants and with each additional article you send in, your chance of winning will increase.
Surely the DD signpost will be helpful in writing articles, which informs you about what has already been covered  by DAILY DIRT.


Current prices:

This time I would like to dirstribute the following to the most industrious writers:

1. prize:

DAILY DIRT No. 19 with original autographs from Cliff Williams, Malcolm Young and Phil Rudd, a Satellite Blues single CD by EastWest (commercial issue with promotion sticker), the AC/DC tribute CD “Instrumental in Black”, an advertising poster EW in A3 of the publishing of the “Safe In New York City” single and a Back In Black t-shirt , size XL.

2. prize:
DD 19 with an original autograph by Mark Evans and a High Voltage baseball cap.

3. prize:
A Polish bootleg cassette titled Bon, please don’t go. If several readers share this place (which is usually the case), I still have two AC/DC key rings, two AC/DC pins, some posters and a US light switch cover with High Voltag motive.
At this point I would like to thank Christoph Zöller, who donated some of these prizes.