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Sonntag, 24. April 05 um 00:00

Brian Johnson Interview von Eddie Trunks Radio-Show "Friday Night Rocks" (22. April)

Von: Thomas

On the status of the new AC/DC studio album:

"We should be getting together pretty soon. I've already been with Mal
[Malcolm Young, guitar] and Ang [Angus Young, guitar] and we've run a few
tunes by each other, and it's sounding great. I think Mal said it best
when he said, 'We don't wanna just bring out another album.' It's gotta be
something really… It's gotta be perfect. And now him and Angus are really
working hard to get something so special. I've been in the studio and I
sang a few of the songs with the boys, a couple of little teasers, and
I've gotta tell you, I was knocked out with the stuff they were coming up

On whether there is any truth to the report that the upcoming CD may be a

"I said the other day to somebody, I said, 'Jesus, we've written enough
songs, it could be a box set.' And Sony Records got on the phone and said,
'Don't ever say that. Don't ever say that again.' [Laughs] 'These people
will be expecting one.' I said, 'I was kidding.' I think it's basically
the fact that the guys wanted as much down as possible just so we could
pick some gems out. And the great thing is, there'll be a load of songs
left over for something in the future — you never know."

On when he expects to begin recording the new AC/DC album:

"I haven't got a specific date, but I just know that once we start, it's
like an avalanche — we just start moving, and we move quick and fast. But
we do want it to be good. And I know Malcolm and Angus have stressed that
they want it to be perfect — they want everybody to have a great show,
great songs… It's tough to put your finger on it, but we just want it to
be good. Nobody goes in the studio to do a bad album — nobody. But this
time they're looking for a 100 percent guarantee of a great album."

On which studio they will use to record the new album:

"I don't know where we're gonna record it — you know, there's so many
great studios. Last time [for 2000's 'Stiff Upper Lip'] we did in
Vancouver, 'cause it was a fabulous little studio, Bryan Adams' studio
[Warehouse]. He's got a great studio up there which isn't digital, which
gives you lovely warm sounds — it's analog and it's fabulous. We had a
great time there, so I'm hoping we go back, but you never know — there's
always another deal coming in from somebody else who's got a great studio,
so you've just gotta keep your eyes and ears open."

On which producer they will use for the upcoming CD:

"I haven't got a clue. George, I love George — George Young, the boys'
[Angus' and Malcolm's] brother. He's lovely. He's just great, he gets the
best out of us, but so does 'Mutt' Lange, but I know Mutt wants to try to
keep away from the scene as much as possible with his lovely wife. But
let's put it this way: That's the short list. And it doesn't get any
better than that."