Thursday, 26. October 06 um 00:00

Something for Christmas?

By: Thomas

Since there is no new AC/DC album in sight for 2006 either, archives, basements and the memory of all kinds of companies and people are sifted through to come up with old AC/DC material. One example is the video titled "For Those About To Rock: Monsters In Moscow" which was published in Mai 1993, that is now available on DVD. On 28 September 1991 AC/DC were guests at the Tushino Airfield in Moscow at the end of the Monsters of Rock festivals, which included the show in Castle Donington, that was also published on DVD. There they performed for about 700,000 fans, together with Metallica, Pantera, The Black Crows and E.S.T. on the occasion of the attempted coup in the Russian capital that was foiled some days before. The DVD which includes live recordings of all bands present (e.g.: “Back in black”, “Highway to Hell”, “Whole lotta Rosie” and “For those about to Rock” from  AC/DC as well as some interviews) and is 84 minutes long, is suggestive of this memorable event. The DVD, which originates in England, can be purchased at various online shops for approximately 20-25 Euros.

Susan Masino who recently published a book about AC/DC by the title of "Let there be Rock", had to dig even deeper, namely in her memories of the past 30 years. For Susan Masino, who came in contact with AC/DC for the first time in 1977, it’s the second book after "My Life and Times with AC/DC, Van Halen and Kiss". This time around she is devoted exclusively to Angus & Co. and examines their entire career from 1974 until today. Susan Masino says that she didn’t only interview AC/DC several times but that she has had a good friendship with the band for about 30 years now. The book has 244 pages and was published on 17 October 2006 by Omnibus Press Verlag. It can be bought at various mail-order shops at ISBN 0-8256-3469-5 for approx. 20 Euros. You’ll find further information at

By the way: AC/DC are still alive. At least Angus was present on 24 August, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the British Kerrang Magazine in London. There he was “crowned” by the editor Paul Brannigan, who denoted AC/DC as one of the most important and most influential rock bands in history. The reason for Angus’ invitation was the fact that Kerrang had dedicated the front page of their first issue to AC/DC in 1981. You can view a video of Angus’ appearance in London at