Monday, 16. June 14 um 21:39

Report from Vancouver

By: Raff


The band has been in Vancouver (Canada) since May 1, 2014 where they are recording new songs at the Warehouse Studios, managed by producer Brendan O’Brien, who was responsible for the production of the album  Black Ice. Malcolm Young, who is taking a break from AC/DC due to his illness, is currently being represented by his nephew Stevie Young, who already filled in for his Uncle Malcolm in 1988 during AC/DC’s North America Tour. It can be assumed that the recording process is going to be finished soon as it has been said that AC/DC have booked the studio for approximately
eight weeks. Cliff Williams has meanwhile left Vancouver to spend some time with his family (for example Cliff visited his daughter Erin in Los Angeles <LINK>). As usual Phil Rudd refrained from appearing in public and has therefore been the only band member the fans in Vancouver haven’t seen. On social networks a few photos of different fans who have met band members in the past few weeks in different locations in and around Vancouver can be found. At this point we do not want to “steal” their pictures without their permission to publish them here.

The publication date of the recordings has not been officially confirmed. Therefore you shouldn’t jump for joy just yet. If everything runs according to the regular schedule (mastering of the recordings, selection of artwork, start of a sales campaign by the record company, production of a recording media etc.) the recordings will probably be published at the end of 2014 at the earliest. One shouldn’t count on concert dates by AC/DC In this context for some time. If we receive reliable news on this subject, we will let you know here.

Apart from the activities of the band Brian Johnson has been very busy in recent weeks.  Apart from his participation in the “Mille Miglia” Rally in Italy in the middle of May <LINK> he also follows his passion in the show “Cars that rock!” that is broadcast in Great Britain <LINK>.

Finally we would like to point out a report by AC/DC fan (Filippo F. Olivieri) to you, who had the honour of visiting Angus Young at the studio in Vancouver in May to speak to him about guitar equipment and recording techniques, etc. At the following links you can (apart from the report that is worth reading) see some current photos of the studio: Part 1 / Part 2