Tuesday, 23. December 08 um 20:40

The second part of "fans helping fans" started

By: Thomas

Upon successful completion of the first part of "fans helping fans" (a ticket could be provided to about 30 fans at the regular price), the second part started today.

This time AC/DC fans, who don't feel like being ripped-off or who don't want to pay through the nose for tickets, can apply for the following concert tickets at the original price at

  • Paris 25.02.2009
  • Düsseldorf 07.03.2009
  • Oberhausen 09.03.2009
  • Bremen 11.03.2009
  • Dortmund 15.03.2009
  • Leipzig, 13.05.2009 Open Air
  • Munich 15.05.2009 Open Air
  • Vienna 24.05.2009 Open Air
  • Glasgow 30.06.2009 Open Air

Tickets for further concerts might possibly be added. This ultimately depends also on the fan community and further sponsors who are willing to provide tickets for our campaign.
The second part ends on 30 January 2009. Good luck!