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30. July 2008
The action is about to start!

The official confirmation is still pending but meanwhile it’s all over town: at the end of August, AC/DC want to strike their first blow with a single release before going on to their album release which is expected on October...

30. July 2008
Brian is taking advantage of the break


Brian took advantage of the break between recording the new album and the video shoot and the start of the tour, respectively, to contribute the vocals to a song of the new Greg Billings Band album “Do-overs”. It’s actually about...

30. July 2008
No Bull DVD new edition

nobull DVD 2008

No Bull – Directors Cut. For the fan community, the short break between the release of the single and of the new album is being sweetened by a re-mix of the No Bull DVD. The concert which was recorded on July 10, 1996 at Plaza de...