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23. September 2005
Angus and Malcolm are upgrading their home studios

Angus & Malcolm mit Digital X Bus System

They still seem to be working on new riffs for the next album in their homes in London and Holland respectively. At least both of them have modernized their home-studio-equipment recently.Reason for the new acquisition was that...

23. September 2005
New (unauthorized) AC/DC DVD in October

And than there was Rock

Chrome Dreams has announced a 60-minute AC/DC biography on October 25, 2005. By the title of  „And Then There Was Rock – Life before Brian“ you can see among others the first AC/DC singer Dave Evans, the first drummer Colin...

16. September 2005
Material for big and small collectors

Since AC/DC are still in hiding, many business people are using the dry spell to supply the hungry fans with some more or less usable bites. So on August 9, the Buster Brown Album “Something To Say” appeared, which was recorded...

08. September 2005
Back In Black Dual Disc also available in Germany now

Back in Black Dual Disc

Since August 29, 2005 the AC/DC megaseller Back In Black is available in Germany under the order number DUALD 5107655 as a Dual Disc. Up until now you could only get it via import in NTSC format and region code 1, which isn’t...