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29. April 2005
Brian challenges war on breast cancer

Brian Johnson and other celebrities have joined forces to help raise money for breast cancer research by decorating special edition Gibson guitars. The money raised from these guitars will help benefit Expedition Inspiration, a...

24. April 2005
Brian Johnson was interviewed by Eddie Trunk on the "Friday Night Rocks" show (April 22)

On the status of the new AC/DC studio album:

"We should be getting together pretty soon. I've already been with Mal [Malcolm Young, guitar] and Ang [Angus Young, guitar] and we've run a few tunes by each other, and it's sounding...

18. April 2005
Formating problems with DualDisc

Only the American version of the Back in Black DualDisc will be available in the first step; i.e. with regional code 1 and NTSC format. It is recommended to check if your own DVD player supports these formats before buying it....

13. April 2005
Yes, it's done!

 The new layout of the Daily Dirt - Homepage is online!