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Daily Dirty: News archive

News Archive

28. August 2008
"Rock'n'Roll Train" online !!!

Rock'n'Roll Train" can be found under the following links:

www.acdc.com or www.myspace.com/acdc

Don't crash the server ;-)

22. August 2008
Short part of "Rock'n'Roll Train" online !!!

A 30-seconds sample of "Rock'n'Roll Train" can be found under the following link:


Don't crash the server

18. August 2008
New album on October 20, single on August 28

Since today it’s official: According to www.acdc.com the new AC/DC single "Rock’n’Roll Train" will be released on August 28. The new album Black Ice will follow on October 20. It was recorded with Brendan O’Brien...

30. July 2008
Rock’n’Roll Train videoclip in the can

AC/DC recorded their new video clip "Rock’n’Roll Train" on August 15, proactively supported by about 200 fans at the Black Island Studios in London. The stage resembled a type of railway maintenance hall, with heavy...