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18. July 2008
17000 ebay auctions


First of all more than 17.000 ebay auctions were added to the database to get a valuation to each collector`s item in the database.

To get a better average valuation for all collector`s items more ebay auction will be added...

22. June 2008
Database added

I have added the AC/DC database from into the new Daily-Dirt homepage.

11. June 2008
Exclusive distributorship agreement with the US

According to a press report by reuters, which is referring to Wall Street Journal, the new AC/DC album is to be distributed exclusively by the department store chain Wal-Mart Inc. in the US. In doing so Columbia would be...

11. June 2008
Bon Scott exhibition in Fremantle

A very interesting Bon Scott exhibition can be seen at the Fremantle Arts Centre (FAC) at present. The exhibition which is running until June 29, shows artwork of 19 artists who were inspired by Bon Scott, a collection of letters...