ultimate AC/DC online database

Daily Dirt presents in cooperation with the collectors portal "My-ACDC" the worldwide biggest AC/DC online database.
This databse now is part of the Daily Dirt webside.
With this database you can manage your own AC/DC collection online.
You can mark all items that you have in your own collection as "in my collection". So you`ll have access to your collection at any time worldwide.

The database is grouped by items. It contains "normal" collectable items (LPs, CDs, 7" Singles, ...) but also the completest list of bootlegs (LPs, CDs, 7", 12",  Acetate, Testpressings, ...) and furthermore more than 1500 magazines which includes something on AC/DC.

It also contains more collectable items like sweatshirts, t-shirts, flats, backstage passes, tickets, tapes, videos, press kits , etc.But some of these item groups are still empty, sorry.
Each item has a description.

Bit by bit all items will be illustrated unless we`ll have the necessary pictures available. Every registred user has the possibility to upload missing fotos of the items. An upload-area will be released later and is not yet available.

The use of it is to complete this AC/DC database bit by bit with your help. But this goal never will be reached I guess.


But the clou is following

But how about this. By one click you`ll get informations how much your whole collection is worth.

This feature also will be given on this AC/DC portal!!!
The valuation of each AC/DC item is based on more than 100.000 ebay auction. These auctions containing only auctioneered AC/DC items are collected for more than 7 years.
But the assignment of the auction results to the respectively AC/DC items of this portal has not yet finished. Currently ca. 17000 auction form the basis to get the items prices.

Registration necessary

To manage your own AC/DC collection a registration to this portal is necessary. A Registration just means you`ll have access to your private secured section on this portal. In this section you can search the database for items and add them to your personal collection. Under "My collection" you can see all items from your collection incl. their worthiness.

If you not want to register to this portal anyway although you can forage the database.


Have fun,
Thomas & Tomas