Winner of the last competition


The winners of the last competition (DD19), which had been provided with especially great prizes thanks to the AC/DC management, are:


1. place:
Rafael Wieschollek received an original drumhead of Phil Rudd, which he had worked on at the AC/DC concert in Cologne on 29 October 2000. It is 16“ in size and was signed by all band members (see photo). Additionally there was an edition of DAILY DIRT 17 signed by Mark Evans, as well as a Stiff Upper Lip CD (commercial version with promotion sticker)

2. place:
Same as last time, Helmut Pankratz made second place. His collection was enriched by a Stiff Upper Lip promotion scarf and a DAILY DIRT special editon No. 8, signed by Mark Evans.

3. place:
And the four winners of 3rd place didn’t go empty-handed either of course. They received a Stiff Upper Lip or a Satellite Blues single CD by EastWest (commercial CD with promotion sticker) Their names are  Thorsten Walter, Michael Oellig, Rainer Mahn and Mike Rüggeberg. Congratulations and of course thank you very much, also on behalf of the readers, for your contributions.

Proud winner: Rafael Wieschollek