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Daily Dirty: Old Issues

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Hello AC/DC Fans !

Very often, I receive questions in which AC/DC fans ask me how they can get a memberof the AC/DC
fanclub "DAILY DIRT". So first, let me tell you that DAILY DIRT is not a fanclub. It´s an AC/DC fanzine. It´s similar to a fanclub, because I organize trips to AC/DC shows by coach, international AC/DC fan meeting and so on, but there is not all this burocratic shit that you have in a normal fanclub
(membership, membership-payment, etc.).

Today, we are proud to say, since the inception of DAILY DIRT 21 years ago, it has grown into one of the largest, most famous AC/DC fanzines in the world.

It is inconceivable to imagine how the fan scene of the hard-core AC/DC maniacs would look without
DAILY DIRT fanzine!

21 regular editions and 8 extra-issues were released. If one were to consider just the pages of the 20 regular editions, you would have an amazing total of 1300 pages filled with AC/DC.But that's not all !! We helped organize and arrange events, allowing AC/DC fans the opportunity to participate in....

· 4 international fan meetings,
· Two coach trips to Donington 1991, Paris 1996 & 2000 und Gent 2000,
· AC/DC cinema sessions in 1992 for the Donington video,
· The Ballbreaker Launch - Party in Hamburg 1995,
· Making "Hard as a Rock" video making of in London.
· Supported several radio stations in Germany for AC/DC specials,

All along the way, many friendships were made with AC/DC fans all over the world.

Unfortunately, DAILY DIRT is written in German, but nevertheless, there are many AC/DC fans all over the world who buy it just to get into contact to other fans via the advertisement-pages or to enjoy the great pictures.

By the way, I´m also a huge AC/DC fan since 1980. I collect everything of the Australians, especially videos (more than 300 hours), audio-tapes (around 240 concerts on tape), bootlegs, books, postcards and so on. I´m always interested in new trading partners!