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Daily Dirty: Order

Since DAILY DIRT no.22 was the last printed issue of DAILY DIRT, it is not possible to pre-order DD23.
Please note that the previous issues of DAILY DIRT have now sold out. However, I can offer you a CD with PDF files of the following issues:

- DD 1
- DD 17
- DD 18
- DD 19
- DD 20
- DD 21
- DD 22
- DD extra issue no. 12 "The Tour Diary"

This CD can be purchased for 4 € including postage.
By the way, the advantage of the PDF files of issues 19 to 22 and the tour diary on the CD is that the entire content of the fanzine is in colour.
In regards to bank transfers, please contact me by email for further information.

Thomas Schade
Goethestr. 33
64569 Nauheim